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Writing the Case Study of Vodafone

When it comes to choosing the leading mobile operator, usually the name of Vodafone pops in our mind. Vodafone offers are designed to fulfil what the mobile phone users wish these days. The journey of Vodafone is an adventurous journey of exciting scenarios.

A brief profile of Vodafone

Vodafone as a British multinational telecommunication company was founded in the year 1991 with its headquarters in London as Racal Telecom Limited. The name Vodafone derives its roots from the word “Voice data fone” which was chosen by the company to reflect their motto of providing voice and data services over mobile phones.

Vodafone in the present day has grown enormously through strategic acquisitions and the subsequent integration of its acquired units all over the globe. It owns and operates networks in 25 countries and has a partnership with over 47 countries regarding telecom business. It also has its name in the primary listing of London Stock Exchange and is a key employer in the Global Telecom Market now.

SWOT Analysis of Vodafone

The Strengths of the company includes diversified geographic portfolios and excessively skilled marketing tactics. The weaknesses include hostile telecom laws in different places. Vodafone’s biggest opportunity is its operation in different countries across the globe which can be the ultimate factor for its massive growth and profits. The threat factor for Vodafone is the competition it is facing from several telecom companies due to the hikes in its prices and network issues all over the world.

PESTLE Analysis of Vodafone

The PESTLE Analysis of Vodafone can be described in the following way taking all the factors in concern. The Political and Legal factors are the consequences of the laws and governments in the nations where Vodafone is operating and the clashes with rivals. The Economic front of Vodafone is as powerful in the global economy as a hundred-year-old banyan tree in a lush forest.

The Social aspects reflect the effect that the mobile phones have on people’s lifestyle. The Technological strategies are an integration of the mobile technologies that are being updated frequently at regular intervals. And the Environmental factors include the effects that the radio waves of mobile phones on human health which is a debating topic of significant importance.

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