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Networking is one of the most intricate topics in computer science that can be extremely challenging for students. There are several aspects which require complete understanding to ensure that the base concept regarding the subject is proper. Keeping this in mind, it is of utmost important to provide students with proper guidance and help in this area. For this, now students have online networking assignment help to deal with all these issues.

What are the different types of networks?

The three major types of network are –

  1. LAN

Local Area Network which hosts buildings, offices, campus, etc. and is limited in the small given zone.

  1. WAN

This is known as Wide Area Network which covers cities, countries and sometimes continents too!  This has further 2 subsections –

  • Point to point WAN – this connects two network with air cable media.
  • Switched WAN: This connects several point to point network forming the backbone of communication.
  1. MAN

Metropolitan Area Network; this more or less functions similar to LAN, only difference is that it covers a larger area. Networking homework help will make sure that academicians have a clear knowledge and idea on this.

What are the different uses of computer network?

There are certain parts which students have to have a clear idea of future progress in networking. To help them in this, our professionals cover the following fields –

  • Resource sharing
  • This is a more economical process
  • More reliable
  • For home and business application
  • Better and more powerful means of communication
  • For a centralized control and administration

When there are so many subparts and more, it is quite evident that students will face some serious issues. To avoid these, you can always take help from Courseworktutors networking assignment help experts. Apart from the stated, below we have addressed some of the most common problems.

Most common problems student face while studying networking

  1. How to distinguish between the various computer characteristics?
  2. What is the best way to comprehend subject data?
  3. How to do de-multiplexing?
  4. What are Gateway organizations?
  5. What is packet switching?
  6. Difference between WAM, LAN, MAN and CAN
  7. What is Gigabit networking?
  8. How to do network troubleshooting?
  9. Difference between internet, ethernet, and extranet
  10. Understanding of semantics

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Understanding TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Let’s show a flowchart regarding the layers of TCP/IP Protocol Suite

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What makes networking a complicated subject?

A student from the computer science field is to create programs that help in sharing data and information relating different computers. What makes this subject complicated is that, along with theory, they also have to work on the practical functioning of the network programs. To maintain both at a parallel pace can prove to be hectic for many students.

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