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Definition of Project Management

Project Management is defined as a systematic process of application of knowledge, skills, and techniques in a project activities to achieve the project results, goals and objectives. The first step in any project management activity is defining the project plan, setting out the deadlines and then managing the project plan in order to achieve the project results.  Our service for Project Management Assignment Help covers all these steps of Project Management Activity.

Phases of Project Management

There are 5 phases in relation to project management. They are as follows:

  • Project Conception and initiation
  • Project definition, planning and designing
  • Project launch or execution
  • Project monitoring
  • Project Completion


A Project is defined as an activity which is undertaken with the purpose of some specific objectives. It is usually done to bring out change for the benefit of business. A Project is always assigned to a Project Managers who has the responsibility to look into the project and manage the entire project. A Project Manager is one who make the goals of the Project as their own goals and then uses their skills and expertise with the other project team member for inspiring them to achieving the desired results.

Importance of Project Management

Project Management is required in every business. Previously, the market was less competitive and people does not need to Struggle a lot for marketing their products and services. But now in the intense competition , Competitors in any business are increasing drastically with new products .This lead to rise in the requirement of efficient project management team in every business so that any Project can be followed with the desired plan and they should always strive for new innovations to make things more efficient. Project Management leads to efficient, accurate and timely completion of project.

Project Scheduling

The Project Scheduling in a tool or software that guides us regarding what work exactly needs to be performed and it gives the approximate time frame or time duration within which the project needs to be completed.

Every Project has a certain life cycle. Project Management helps in reduce the life cycle in such a manner that it decreases the cost and time without compromising with the project quality. However a project should be taken to next phase one when the prior step is completed. This will lead to increase in project efficiency.

Obstacles to Project Management

Major obstacles to project management are as follows:

  • Lack of Support from top level Management
  • Project Plans are sometimes very complex and it becomes almost impossible to implement those plans
  • Lack of essential resources such as Man, Money and Machine becomes a hindrance.
  • Lack of Communication between Project Managers and Project Team Members affects the Project time.

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