CDR Writing services

CDR Writing services

Australia is a growing economy, one which needs as many engineers as possible. When skilled engineers migrate to this country with their qualifications but not an Australian qualification, they need to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to Engineers Australia (EA), to be considered for Skilled Migration. This explains the urgent need for CDR Writing services becoming a large market now.

Our Services

At , we provide CDR reports, and related services such as CDR editing, proofreading, plagiarism-checking and review removal.

We give you a comprehensive CDR writing report that’s specially created and analyzed by our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled engineers. Our reports are prepared in a way that gives you three career episodes for working in Australia as an Engineer.

CDR Episode Writing: Candidates who need to turn in CDR reports are unaware of the technical requirements and hence need professional assistance. At, we have vast experience in writing these reports as we are adept in presenting an engineer’s knowledge base, skills and competencies and academic background while drafting his career episodes.

While writing the three Career Episodes, we are aware that all of them need to impress on Engineers Australia, the authorizing body, that you do indeed possess the required competencies they need. Based on this, your visa will be approved.

Summary Statement writing: Though this page may be just a page long, yet don’t underestimate it as it is the most important part of your CDR. Here, you come to certain vital decisions from your Career Episodes where you mention a certain engineering-oriented or management-driven skill or ability.

With our years of experience, we are able to present Career Episodes which smoothly convert into the Summary Statement page.

CDR Review:  Our ability to spot even the tiniest of errors has made us sticklers for perfection. This has helped us review our drafts with much greater precision, thereby affording error-free reviews. Our CDRs are passed through a strict quality check, whose elements are:

Editing and Proofreading: Our team of professional writers, proofreaders and editors check every CDR report meticulously for spelling and grammar errors, sentence construction, flow, etc.

Plagiarism Check: Original work is appreciated during Cdr writing services, as if a report is found to be plagiarized, it calls for disqualification of the candidate. We use ultra-modern software to detect any plagiarism in reports.

CDR Writing services

Tips for CDR Report writing:

  1. Read the guidelines of Engineers Australia before writing the CDR.
  2. It should contain three important sections — Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, Three Career Episodes, and the concluding Summary. You can write your report easily once you understand the purpose of each of these
  3. Choose your words and writing style carefully and ensure it meets the exacting standards of Engineers Australia.
  4. Write in first person, and in ‘active’ voice. Make your paper factual and detail-oriented about your experiences in Engineering. Be direct.
  5. We are fully equipped with an editing and proofreading team, who can polish your draft and remove any errors we spot. To place your document under the sharp eye of a professional might just be what you need.
  6. Go through the competencies list that the EA expects to see in candidates and focus yours on those characteristics.
  7. Stick to facts and incidents that centre around engineering and you, rather than the company you worked for. Your role in it, your achievements, rewards and honours are important to know. Substantiate these with relevant proof.
  8. Make your Summary Statement really strong. People believe that assessors usually read this page first as this sums up the real you with your analysis of information, among other facts.
  9. Don’t copy from anywhere, particularly from CDR samples or you will be rejected by the EA.

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