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Often students of economics face difficulty while putting together information that is required in their assignments. Making a thorough judgment of short-term barriers over long-term assets sometimes turns out to be a mind boggling task. So to help students with problems pertaining to economic integration and provide them an opportunity to manage time better, we at Courseworktutors provide online Economic Integration assignment help.

Economic integration – Details and Subsections

The concept of economic integration refers to an assemblage of economic plans from various regions. It involves eliminating any form of trade barrier and coordinating nation’s financial and monetary policies. The sole aim of this economics concept is to reduce investment costs for both manufacturers and sellers. This also helps to escalate trading frequencies amongst participating nations. Economic integration sees a number of categories including –

  • Free trade areas (FTA)-

This encompasses a trading bloc for which traders sign up a free trading agreement. This sort of agreement mainly involves an accord amongst 2 countries to reduce import tariffs and quotas.

  • Trade contracts (PTA)-

It’s a trading syndicate which presents accessibility to particular commodities in specific nations. PTA agreements are mainly done via a trading pact and its 1st stage happens to be economic integration.

  • Custom made unions-

A type of trade bloc which has a free area for transactions particularly with a mutual external tariff! The purpose of custom made unions is to enhance economic efficiency and create a closer tie amongst nations.

  • Financial and economic unions

In simpler terms, greater is the integration of economies; lesser will be trade barriers. This in turn will improve economic and political coordination amongst nations. This is what our team at Courseworktutors works on and aid students in meeting their deadlines by providing Economic Integration homework help.

Benefits of Economic Integration

This approach in economics serves as a useful tool in dealing with short term gains and minimizing trade obstacles. It also helps the federal governments of these participating nations. More integration calls for lesser changes in the trade rules.

However, countries must also keep in mind that during inflation economic integration can escalate the GDP of a country significantly. Similarly, recession in one country will inversely affect the trade policies and GDP of all participating countries.

Levels to ponder on

Our team lays special emphasis on the levels while providing Economic Integration assignment help. As of now, there are four levels pertaining to this concept.

Free Location to trade:

It is most restrictive category of economic integration among member countries. While trading limitations cross countries are eliminated, each nation maintains its own set of policies while doing a trade.

Custom Unions:

It is like taking a step ahead in this integration process. This is similar to a complementary trade zone where products and services are traded amongst participating nations without any obstruction. Our expert Economic Integration Homework help team considers it as a suitable and go-to approach for most countries at this juncture.

One marketplace:

This is one important point which we always cover while providing Economic Integration Homework help.  This level goes one step further and allows free involvement of labor, innovation and capital between countries. Elimination of restrictions on every type of cross-border trade as well as immigration is mandatory in this level.

Economic Union:

This is the topmost level of economic integration and involves harmonizing tax rates and monetary policies among countries. Moreover, all member countries follow a single currency that eliminates any form of barrier in trading as well as immigration. The biggest example in this respect is the Euro. It binds most European countries together providing them a common trading ground.

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