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What is statistics?

Statistics is the study in which data is collected, analysed, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner. Statistics and Maths are often regarded as same but both have different approach . Statistics is considered to be more complex that Maths and therefore Statistics Assignment Help is regarded as more Challenging that any other subject assignment help. In our daily language the  Word ‘STATISTICS’ is used in two senses: singular and plural.

Singular:  Singular means ‘science of collecting, classifying and using statistics’.  It is also referred as ‘statistical fact’.

Plural: Plural means numerical facts systematically collected.

The data with which statistics deals includes planning of the data collected. There are two mythologies in statistics and they are inferential statistics and descriptive statistics. Few consider statistics as the branch of science and few considers it as a distinct mathematical science.

Statistics Assignment Help

Statistical Methods

The statistical methods are used in the various fields of researches.There are four categories of statistical method

    • Descriptive– In study the descriptive statistics is used to describe the basic features of the data. They provide simple summaries about the sample and the measures. With some graphical analysis descriptive statistics form the basis of virtually every quantitative analysis of data.
    • Analytical– Analytical is the study in which action will be taken on process or cause system that produced the frame being studied. In any of the statistical study the ultimate or the main aim is to provide a rational basis for an action. Analytical study differs where the action is taken.
    • Inductive statistics– It is the phase of statistics which is concerned with the conditions under which conclusions about populations can be drawn from analysis of particular samples. The inferences drawn by inductive statistics are generally couched in the language. Inductive statistics is also known as statistical inference, or inferential statistics
    • Inferential statistics– This method is to try to infer from the sample data what the population might think. Or, we use inferential statistics to make judgments of the probability that an observed difference between groups is a dependable one or one that might have happened by chance in this study.
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 Functions of statistics

      • To present the fact in a suitable diagrammatic, graphical and tabular form.
      • To simplify the complex data and graphical form.
      • To help for classification of data.
      • To provide techniques of making comparisons.
      • To formulate policies in different schemes.
      • To indicate trend behaviour.
      • To measure uncertainty.
      • To test hypothesis.
      • To draw valid inferences.

Limitations of statistics

      • Statistics does not study individuals.
      • Statistics does not study qualitative phenomenon.
      • Statistical results are true only on average.
      • Statistics laws are not exact.
      • Statistics does not reveal the entire story.
      • Statistics is collection with a given purpose and cannot be indiscriminately applies to any situation. provide Statistics Homework Help and Statistics Assignment Help on all topics of Statistics. We at Courseworktutors don’t feed students but help them to learn the concept of Statistics in a detailed manner. All our experts at Courseworktutors have years of experience on all topics of Statistics Assignment help and Statistics Homework help.
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