Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics assignment help is the key to academic success

Behavioral economics assignment help is all about giving a student the key ideas for understanding and analyzing the psychological approach behind economic decisions. An individual or an organization takes these decisions, which involves consequences such as increase and decrease of product’s market price/value.

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Behavioral economics homework help,Addressing the 2 most important questions

While learning this subject, it is very important to approach the two basic questions which form the base of behavioral economics.

  1. Do economists use the assumption to maximize profit a good is based on real people’s behavior?
  2. Is there maximization of a subjective expectation of utility by individuals?

Addressing these two questions under proper guidance will help to understand why people make irrational decisions and how it differs from the prediction of the economic model. The decisions are from an emotional, social perspective, which is quite cognitive.

With professional behavioral economics assignment help student will find it easier to comprehend public’s choice, the effect of the choice of market decisions and promotion of self-interest.

Themes of Behavioral Economics

This subject has its thematic base in three financial segregations. Here they are –


The constant decision-making approach of public is upon the approximate thumb rules and not on logistics. The perception and liking have the influence of emotional and selective biases.

Framing an analysis

Once the data collection and comprehension is done, before implementing it, there is a need for analyzing the stereotypes that individuals rely on.

Inefficiencies in market

This can include many things like wrong or mispricing, non-rational decisions, misinterpreting the demand and market order.

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Different stages of behavioral economics

  1. Editing stage: It is the prospect theory that helps in tackling different issues
  2. Evaluation stage: Here all the risk factors and situation evaluation happens regards to psychological principles.

After analyzing the stage, there can be few doubts arising in a student’s mind. These are –

  • How is reference decision made?
  • What is loss aversion?
  • How sensitivity diminishes as per gain or loss?
  • What is non-linear probability weighting?
  • Understanding the financial modification

Criticisms of Behavioral Economics

Here are few of the criticisms for behavioral economics are –

  • Rational agents want the decisions and learning opportunities should be in rational manner.
  • Traditional economists refute the way of survey based decisions and supports theoretical implications.
  • Rational exception school is of the opinion that long run supply is affected only by intrinsic variable.
  • Critiques also believe that these are only models of theory making.

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