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Biology is that part of science that deals with study of living organisms, their classification, naming and their existence. This part of science is crucial in understanding the complex body mechanisms, be it for human beings or microorganisms. The subject as a whole has got numerous sections, modern biology being the most eclectic and rapidly growing one. If you are a student of biology, you may consider taking help from Biology Assignment help.

Areas of Biology

Before learning about the disciplines, it is important to note that each and every organism on the planet is given a scientific name. This is done to draw a line between the various names of a single organism in different languages. Taxonomy deals with naming the organisms.

Basic rules of taxonomy include:

  • Inclusion of  words from Latin alphabet
  • Unique naming
  • Name should define the specimen
  • Inclusion of Unique attributes

Major Topics covered under Biology

  • Botany:

Deals with the study of plants. Includes dividing the whole class into green plants and non-green pants. Green plants are further classified into seed bearing/non seed bearing.

  • Zoology:

Deals with the study of animals starting from the unicellular organisms to the most evolved species. Biology Assignment help will further your knowledge on the further classifications.

  • Cellular biology:

Deals with the study of cells as the building blocks of all living organisms. Also, you study the different components of plant/animal cells.

  • Physiology:

This deals with the study of human beings and their body. This includes study of cells, tissues, organs and their interdependence.

  • Molecular biology:

This sub-discipline concerns with the more complex attributes and mutual interaction of biologically active molecules.

  • Biochemistry:

Our experts from Courseworktutors Biology Homework help provide valuable information on biochemistry and the importance of chemical composition of cells and organs.

Scope of Biology as a subject

Technology has escalated manifold and that has found applications in biology as well. If you are studying biology in college, chances are high that you may end up as a chemist or a doctor. Biology opens up various career prospects:

  • Microbiologist:

Microbiologists deal with unicellular organisms and their structural and behavioral concepts. Among them virology deals with study of viruses and their ill effects, parasitology deals with unicellular parasitic organisms which cause diseases.

  • Pathology:

Learn about diseases and methods of diagnosis and analysis. If you want more information on Pathology and its sub-divisions, refer to Biology Homework help.

  • Pharmacology:

Pharmacologists deal with effect of medicines and the usage of drugs in dealing with pathological issues.

  • Enzymology:

This section of biological science deals with study of enzymes and their interactions with each other. Enzymologists normally study the effects of excess or loss of enzymes in human body and methods to cure them.

  • Veterinary:

Loving animals is often not enough. Veterinary doctors study the diseases in domesticated animals and methods of curing them. There has been a huge rise in need of veterinary doctors, so this is worth trying.

Apart from this there are various sections and subsections that are identified as establishes career paths for biology students. Refer to Biology Homework help for a lucid detail.

Allow us to guide you through the intricacies of biology

The fact that the science of living organisms is not an easy task is undeniable. This involves memorizing a plethora of names and their application. If you are still confused about basic biology concepts, refer to biology assignment help. Let us help you with your homework and see your grades rise.

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