3 Blogging tips: A Beginner’s Guide to Student Blogging


Although if you are a student, doing blogging at a beginner level, it doesn’t mean you cannot generate powerful critical thinking skills same as the expert bloggers. If you don’t understand from where to start or where you can find inspirations, you can follow other expert bloggers. Try to link with them and follow what strategies they are implementing or the easiest you can do is taking help from youtube and google search engine. You may find tons of video tutorials and blogs regarding blogging techniques accompanied by some helpful tips. All those resources are for free, so grab them!

Before you do so, I have three unique blogging tips for you that will guide you on your blogging journey.


  1.  The things that really matter


  •   Photos


You won’t believe how extremely visual humankind can be. For example, Pinterest, what could be the possible reason for its popularity? Of course, it’s images that are captured in natural light with a great graphics overlayed. So make sure your images are appealing to your readers. For example, four cookies on a napkin placed under natural light seem more appealing than a single piece of cookie on a plate under a dull light.  You can use a DSLR to capture outstanding images even though it sounds expensive but trust me, in the long run, every penny you spent for your images will prove it’s worth.


  •   Social Media


Today we are mostly based on social media platforms and why not, give me a reason! If you want to drive a considerable amount of traffic (audience) into your blog, social media is the magical key.  With social media, you can tap into an immense audience that will make it really easy for people in different parts of the world to follow your blog. If you want to turn your blog from just a hobby to a serious business then do it right now by setting up accounts on social media with your own blog name.


  •   Google


Probably you must be aware of the fact that Google is a tech giant and runs most of the popular platforms like Youtube in the internet world. I don’t know what is your perception of it but if you want to run your blog successfully, consider Google as your best friend.  First of all, get a Google+ account and learn to use it. Moreover, if you want to know what is the hot topic in the internet world right now, you can check google trends. Doing so will help you to name your post in the most effective way. When people will search about that topic in the search engine of Google, your post might appear before them. Hence, more traffic to your blog. No matter how amature a blogger is, he can definitely draw traffic by this technique.


  1.   Monetization


Monetization can be the main reason behind bloggers working so hard in order to make their blog a successful one. Other than hard work, there is also a huge investment committed to a blog. For example, a blogger needs to spend money on supplies, pieces of equipment and technicians (graphic designers, programmers and SEO experts) Now, the question is when is the right time to harvest the crop? Some might say after 8 months or 1 year – totally wrong! There is no such fix time for it. The rule is, as soon as you observe a surge in traffic, you must start monetizing your blog via Google Adsense. In the beginning, you might get discouraged by the revenue of some pennies but don’t lose hope, keep trying!


  1.   Network


Networking with other bloggers is very important especially when you are looking for some insights. You may find bloggers out there who may think of you as a competitor and at the same time, you will also find bloggers who are happy to help you considering someone new like you. According to such bloggers, everyone must be given the opportunity to grow as different individuals have different potentials. One of the simplest ways of networking with other bloggers is by commenting on their posts. Be careful, do not comment anything like, “hey, check out this link” as it feels disingenuous. Just comment something nice, highlighting the bright sides of his post.


Some useful tips


  •   Do not go into a comparison with other bloggers


The reason I am saying this is because there are so many pieces of puzzles needed to be considered before you compare yourself with other bloggers. For example, there are bloggers doing this job for a very long time that made them experienced. So it is unwise to compare yourself with such expert bloggers, take time and one day even you will be like them. Again, some bloggers might have a combo of special skills (programming, SEO and graphic designing) which might be unavailable in your stock of skills right now.


  •   Link parties


A link party is usually hosted by a blogger once a week where other bloggers get the opportunity to add links to their website at no cost. For you, it can be an easy shot if you are not willing to spend money on sponsor links at this beginning stage.

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