10 Reasons Today’s Students NEED Technology in the Classroom

10 Reasons Today’s Students NEED Technology in the Classroom


Today’s life is technology based. None can avoid the importance of hi tech devices in their as usual life. Professions are upgrading to technologies and passions are being published in net-based networks. From morning to midnight, we are linked to technologies. Government and Nongovernment institutions, business farms, hospitals, engineering farms, agricultural sector even in a cottage we use hi tech devices. Educated, uneducated even illiterate housewives of third world are using Mobile phone whereas assignment providers of the first world are using internet and assignment writing is done by the technology. Technology fastens our life.  So, why not in education? Why not for our future leaders?


1 .For better future

Today’s learners are our future. They will lead the generation. Nowadays, we can’t imagine a life without technology and the world is moving fast towards the fastness. So, they should be taught the teaching that will help to ensure better future. The future of a nation is being shaped in the classroom. Without education of technology no education is perfect today.


  1. To ensure skill manpower


The more skilled manpower a country has the more developed it is. In the foreign remittance, it has a great impact. Throughout the world skilled manpower are always welcomed. On the other hand, unskilled manpower is not really a power but burden. Every nation is trying to develop its manpower’s skill in the competitive world. Technology is the driving force of the age. Therefore, to ensure skilled manpower technology-based education is must.


  1. To make education joyful


To make education joyful and participatory hi tech devices should be engraved in the class room. This generation is almost technology surrounded. Since education with enjoyment is more engraving and effective for the young learners, gamified learning process should be implemented in the classroom.


  1. To broaden outlook


The purpose of education is to broaden the learners’ outlook. Education is compared to light. When a man goes out in the night with a light or lamp he/she finds the surround enlightened. Likewise, an educated man thinks broader than an uneducated man by dint of education. Now, in the age of technology there are lots of educative devices and these are helpful to broaden their outlook.


  1. To access the vast learning materials


The internet is a countless and boundless source of learning. There are plenty of academic and non-academic study sheets, assignments, images, graphs, audios, videos. These materials made the education easier than any other time of world history. Taking help from these projects any student can learn any topic easily.


  1. To facilitate online course


On certain topics, there are many courses by different recognized institutions. For family restrictions or distance bindings a great number of students can’t participate in offline courses. They need online courses. The institutions have online courses, online assessment system, online quizzes, online assignment submission facilities, and online exam and result facilities.


  1. To invest in the best

It is said that to invest in favor of the kids’ education is the best investment. To buy technology devices for the young is not merely an entertainment but these have educative purposes. Through ensuring the proper use of these devices we can ensure our investment in the best.


  1. To fill up the demand of time


In the history of generation, generation Z (Gen Z) (1993-2012) are called tech native. “Gen Z’s crave innovation and entrepreneurship — 55%, globally, want to start their own companies.” -Shaara Roman. And it is clear to a schoolboy that today’s `globally’ term indicates the internet. Through internet we can be a global citizen. So to fill up the demand of time we have to engrave technology in the classroom.


  1. To deepen social bondage


Online world is not detached from the biological world. Rather in online world, by dint of social media many internet users find their old friends surprisingly. We can communicate with remote friends through online media within the shortest time ever. Definitely, thus our social bondage is being deep and close.


  1. To improve Teacher-Student relationship


Without the good relationship between the teacher and the student the goal of education cannot be achieved. Hi tech devices can help to make the relationship strong. Through devices teacher can know the reality of the studies of his/her pupils and students can find solution of any queries within a short time.


Technology is everywhere. Techno devices are integrated in nearly each and every part of our culture. It influences how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn. Cellular and different wireless gadgets like mobile phone, wrist phone and mini chip are turning the time into a blink of eye. Nowadays, Information Technology becomes the growing requirement throughout every industry. Similarly, in the education sector, all of our school, colleges and universities should seize under umbrella technology-based network. Gasified environment of education, online based assessment, quizzes, assignment submission, exam and result facilities must be integrated for ensuring today’s students’ bright future.


Raul H. Powell is the content developer and freelance writer. He writes a lot of article on his carrier. Last one year he is working with as a content developer and a writer. He has an expertise on writing an article on various types of online tutorial. He also wants to promote such kind of work to develop the skill.




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