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Some objectives
The primary objective of financial management is efficient management of funds in such a way so that it is capable of attaining the goals of the business. The coverage of this subject is extensive and ranges from personal finance to behavioral finance. Other areas that are included are corporate finance, international finance, and public finance. Specialists are available in all those areas mentioned above, and they can provide financial assignment help. These service providers assist the pupils to learn about the practical terminologies of finance. This subject covers the techniques of tackling resources and funds which includes commercial tools and economic resources.

 Major functions
You can take a detailed look at the website of courseworktutors and seek financial assignment assistance. One of the most complex tasks in an organization is taking care of the financial activities. It is the appropriate manager who develops strategies and takes care of the economic health of an enterprise.
  • Requirements of capital
A manager has to estimate the capital requirements of an organization. The factors that are taken into account for this purpose are projected costs and profits of a business enterprise. The estimates have to be made in such a manner to enhance the learning ability of an organization.
  • Capital structure
As soon as the estimations are made, attention is paid towards building up the capital structure. Short term and long term debt equity analysis are prepared. All aspects such as the amount of equity capital in its possession along with the amounts that need to be raised from outside sources are considered.
  • Sources of funds
Additional funds can be obtained by an organization from numerous sources such as the issue of shares and debentures, additional loans taken from banks and other financial institutions and bonds. It is the finance manager who needs to consider the merits and demerits of each source.
Financial Assignment
  • Allocation of funds
It is the responsibility of the finance manager to think of suitable ways to allocate the funds appropriately. The money should be allocated in such a manner to meet the twin objectives of safety and reasonable returns.
  • Decision on treatment of surplus
All the decisions regarding the utilization of excess have to be taken by the concerned financial manager. There may be plans for dividend declaration or profits may be retained in the organization which will act as a vital long-term source of capital for the concern.
  • Cash management
The head of the department has to take decisions regarding collection and management of cash. Assessment of the cash flows, liquidity and investments are done.
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