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What exactly is International Financial Management?
Simply put, International Financial Management involves the decisions taken to manage a multinational business. Through this field, businesses keep in touch with their overseas counterpart, suppliers, vendors, and customers.
After the establishment of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947, 23 countries signed a MoU to abolish or decrease trade barriers. GATT led to an increase in international trade and thereby, led to the conception of International Financial Management.
How does International Financial Management differ from Domestic Financial Management?
While International Financial Management deals with the financial decisions involved in the overseas organization, Domestic Financial Management deals with all the decisions made in an organization located in a single country.
International Finance Assignment
International Financial Management has to deal with the following risks:
1. Political
Countries with political volatility can produce consequential obstacle for the successful operation of a business. If a new Government comes into power, they can change policies and further escalate the problems faced by a company.
2. Legal and economic scenario
The legal and economic condition of the foreign country can highly influence the management operations. These conditions may differ from the country where the business in based in and can lead the management to take different strategies.
3. Government
Policies created by a country’s Government can play a significant role in the financial management of a business. On top of that, corrupt Government officials and red tape can create hindrances for the management team.
4. Exchange rate
Devaluation of currency can also influence International Financial Management. Fluctuations in currency rate caused by inflations can create difficulties for the management to make a profit from the foreign subsidiary. 
While these were some of the risks encountered by International Financial Management, Domestic Financial Management, on the other hand, doesn’t have to cope with most of these risks.
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