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What is Public economics?

Public economics is basically the study of government policy and its effects on private sector and the economy. It studies the interrelationship between the public and private sector and assesses how one affects the other. Public economics is mostly based upon the framework of welfare economics and is a tool to improve social welfare.

There’s a host of topics that is included under public economics which you can learn with Public economics homework help. These are just to name a few:

  • Market failures
  • Government policy
  • Externalities
  • Microeconomic theory
  • Public goods

What does it comprise of?

Though public economic and its analysis are vast, however, there are essentially four components that it can’t be broadly divided in, for the sake of simplicity. Understanding of each of these elements is absolutely essential to progress further with the subject. Public economics assignment help can provide you with some assistance in this matter. It comprises of:

  1. Public finance- its theory and application.
  2. Creation and the analysis of public policies.
  3. Analyzing governmental failure and market failure.
  4. Effects of taxation and expenditure by the government

1. Public Finance

It is the study of the government’s role in the economy of a country. It examines the costs, taxes and fiscal policies created and how the adjustment of any of them affects the economy. Its objective is to focus on three things:

  • The equal allocation of resources
  • Distribution of income by the government
  • Stable macroeconomics.
  1. Public policy

It is defined as the action adopted by state authorities to address a class of issues while abiding by the law and customs of a country. Public economics homework help assists you to understand the complexities of policy making and the actions adopted to execute them.

  1. Taxation

One of the biggest ways to collect revenue to spend it on public goods, tax remains a crucial part of public economics. In public economics, you get to learn about the Pigouvian tax and the Diamond- Mirrlees efficiency theorem.

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