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Understanding economics

Economics is a vast discipline, the understanding of which has widespread impact. It deals mainly with the analysis of the system of production, distribution, and consumption of goods all over the world. It is essentially divided into two broad categories:

  • Microeconomics – the branch of economics that mainly deals with firms or individual behaviours in terms of decision making and interactions.
  • Macroeconomics this section of economics deal with factors like national productivity, interest rates and various such large-scale factors.

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What are the principles of economics?

Economics is based upon certain principles which essentially define how the problems will be analysed and tackled. There are ten principles of economics which the author Gregory Mankiw has outlined in his books. They are:

  1. The principle of trade-offs between people: In order to gain something, you have to give up something in return.
  2. The cost of something is what you have to give up in order to get it: As a result of trade off, making decisions involves the comparison of costs and benefits of alternative courses of action.
  3. People are more receptive to incentives: They make decisions based on advantage or detriment.
  4. Rational people think at the margin: A rational decision maker executes an action only if the marginal benefit of the action exceeds marginal cost.
  5. Trade can help everyone be better off: It allows people to specialize in things they are better at and facilitates the purchase of greater variety of goods and services through trading.
  6. Markets are a good source to organize economic activity: The market is a good for the financial health of a country.
  7. Governments sometimes have the capacity to improve market outcomes: Public policies made by the government changes the consequences of the economy when the market fails to allocate the appropriate resources.
  8. The standard of living of a country depends upon its production of goods and services: A country enjoys a high standard of living where the workers produce large quantity of goods and services.
  9. There’s inflation when the government prints too much money: as the value of money falls and there’s inflation.
  10. Society oftentimes faces a trade-off between inflation and unemployment: When market has more money, inflation will rise but on the other hand, the excess money will increase the spending power. The increase in spending power will increase the demand of labour and decrease unemployment as shown in the figure below.
Principles of Economics Assignment Help
Principles of Economics Assignment Help

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