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Statistics mainly implies the art of studying from data and figures. The subject also involves usage of analysis, collection and data interpretation and also effective communication and showcasing results depending on data. It is one crucial branch of mathematics and serves usefulness in solving social, industrial and scientific problems. Study of stats is also one popular field which includes in the syllabus of numerous students. With the field involving so many methods, theories, and variables, it can get a bit complex for high school or college students. Professional online statistics help tutors like Courseworktutors; henceforth can prove beneficial for them.

The chief characteristics of Statistics

  • Drawing valid inferences
  • Formulating policies in vivid schemes
  • Presenting details in an appropriate diagrammatic, tabular and graphical form
  • Adequate testing of hypothesis
  • Providing strategies for drawing out comparisons
  • Indicating trend behavior
  • Classification of separate data and making the complex ones easy to understand
  • Measuring uncertainty

Each of these characteristics is essential for students to be thorough with. Moreover, to do that comprehensively, they can make use of online statistics help experts. The study manuals cover everything and going through will allow them to score well in their examinations.

Branch of Statistics

Statistics consists of 2 branches. They are Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

  1. Descriptive statistics

It is mainly the presentation of data and is the primary stage of statistical evaluation. Students when studying this branch of stats will need to be aware of the designing experimentations.

Example- Physicists who examine turbulence need quantities which differ over small spans of time. These physical quantities need averaging from some data.

Online Statistics Help
Online Statistics Help
  1. Inferential statistics:

This branch of statistics needs students to draw the right analysis using adequate stats. Students when experimenting with this for their case study will need to ensure they do not draw conclusions which are wrong or partial.

Both branches of statistics go hand in hand. Moreover, so students need to study both these aspects with equal detailing. Professional online statistical help sites from ‘Courseworktutors’ will include numerous examples and simple explanations. Moreover, that will allow good concept clearance on the part of every student.

Inferential Statistics

Crucial areas of statistics

There is one dependent variable and or predictor or independent variable. The relationship between the two is drawn from a straight line.

Bivariate Regression

It mainly deals with sets of data which involve single measurements at a regular time interval. This finds usage in tracking industrial processes, economics, business metrics, medicine, sociology and corporate analysis.

Time Series Analysis

It is the difference between the frequency which is the expectancy and the frequency which takes place over a time span.

Chi-Square Test

  • Non-parametric tests

This is the mode of testing statistical hypothesis which involves no assumptions regarding the distribution of variables.

Non Parametric Test

This implies an analysis of variables by examining the alterations of plots over different actions. It serves importance for analyzing and interpreting populace’s observance.
Our statistics help will cover up all these crucial aspects of statistics proficiently. There will be ample graphs with definitions to ease things out for apprentices.


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