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This is a subject which mainly deals with the relation of various countries and includes as one of the prime subjects for advanced studies. The subject splits between international trade and encompasses microeconomics, open economics and intercontinental finance.

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Understanding International Economics

In lucid terms, International Economics concerns financial and development complications which vivid economies and institutional establishments face. It focuses on trades and reasons why specific nations have an advantage over others regarding goods and services.

The subject does inflict a lot of know-hows about the world economy and how worldwide arcades influence various economies.

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The key subject areas

Here are some vital topics which students will have to be thorough with.

  • Migration and immigration amongst nations
  • Balance of trade and payments (as per Standard 5)
  • Economic development (according to Standard 6)
  • Forex market, currency exchange rates and important variables (as per Standard 5, 7 and 8.)
  • Different trading barriers (as per Standard 5 and 17)
  • Perks of trading (in lieu of Standards 6)

Some common perils!

International Economics explains the forecasts of productions, investment and transaction feasibilities with other nations.

Wages surge and decline on the international circuitry owing to various variables. As a student getting enlightenment regarding all those crucial variables is crucial.

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2 broad sub-fields of International Economics:

  • International trade

International Economics

A field which uses microeconomics to cover up global economics! It involves effects on individuals and businesses and changes in trading policies due to change in economic situations.

International Economics Homework help develops arguments supporting trading policies as well as vivid protectionist policies. Plus it also puts forward age-old controversies between protectionism and free trade.

  • International Finance

International finance


This field makes use of macroeconomics and focuses on rudimentary aspects of the economy such as GDP, CPI, Inflation rates, unemployment rates, exchange rates and interest rates.

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