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In economics, deflation means a fall in the price level of goods, commodities and any form of services. Deflation happens when the rate of inflation falls below 0 or negative. Inflation causes a reduction in the value of money over the time. On the other hand, deflation causes a hike in the real value of the money (currency or regional money).

This allows one to purchase more commodities and services with the same amount of money. Economists commonly, consider that deflation is the issue in the current economy as it may increase thereal value of debt that is especially if deflation was unexpected.

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Deflation is a comprehensive term and thus constitutes different types such as follows-

  • Debt Deflation- Debt deflation is a tricky phenomenon that is associated with end of long-term credit cycle. Irving Fisher laid down deflation as a ‘theory’ and a situation of “Great Depression”
  • Money Supply side Deflation– from the perspective of a monetarist, deflation results primarily because of the reduction in velocity of money or the amount of money supply per individual.
  • Credit deflation- in the current economics, deflation may also result from initiating higher rate of interest by the Central Bank.
  • Scarcity of official money– in an economy with unsteady currency and other alternative currency arrangements like dollarization are general and thus, when there is a shortage of “official money,” commercial transactions can continue. However, there is a situation of deflation in the economy.

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Causes of deflation

Although there are several reasons why deflations take place, following are few important causes that play significant roles-

  • Alterations in the structure of capital market
  • Increase in the productivity
  • Decrease in Currency
  • Austerity Measures
  • Deflationary Spiral

Effects of deflation

The following are the effects of deflation-

  • Reduction of Business Revenues
  • Wage Layoffs and cutbacks
  • Alterations in the customer spending
  • Reduction stake in the investments
  • Reduced credit

Control of deflation

Before, great depression, economists thought that the deflation would result in solution to the deflation itself. However, it proved to be untrue. Hence, central bank helps to overcome deflation through these methods-

  • Decreasing the rate of interest
  • Quantitative easing or Expansionary Monetary policy

Deflationary Spiral

Deflationary spiral submits to situation when the deflation lasts for long enough to be its own cause. It occurs in a way that economy becomes unrecoverable with the help of market forces and caught in the ferocious cycle where the reduction in prices lead to further fall in prices.

Deflation Assignment Help
Deflation Assignment Help

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