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Concept of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is classified as the system by which companies and corporates are directed and governed by the Management team in the best interest of the users of Financial Statement and Stakeholders for ensuring better management, greater transparency and timely financial reporting. Corporate Governance Assignment Help is a widely asked requirement from all students of Accounting and therefore Courseworktutors Inc has more than 100 experts who can help you in Corporate Governance questions. The sole responsibility for ensuring corporate governance lies with the Management team.Corporate governance  helps company in implementing strategic plan so that company can achieve their goals and objectives in easy way.

Definition of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is defined as the formal System of Control and Accountability for ethical and socially responsible organizational decisions and use of resources.

The basic purpose of Corporate Governance is to ensure three things:

  • Responsibility : Corporate Governance makes it mandatory and gives responsibility to the CEO/CFO to sign the Financial Statement.
  • Accountability: Accountability is linked with the decisions making process of workplace with the organizations Strategy Management decisions. Accountability is maintained by implementing an Auditing Committee with the organization to look into the internal controls of organization.
  • Control: Control is linked with process of Auditing and improving actions as well as organizations goals.

Issues involved in Corporate Governance

  • Report of Compliance Certificate / Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management System
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Composition of Board of Directors including independent director , executive as well as non-executive directors
  • Management of Subsidiary and Parent Company.

Some of the advantages of Corporate Governance can be summarized as follows

  • Better Risk Management due to implementation of Audit Committee
  • Corporate Governance helps in better talent utilizations and the leaders and management are always looking for better talents for effective utilization of resources.

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