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The study of budget surplus involves a period when receipts surpass expenditures. It often refers to the monetary state of the government. Budget surplus in more lucid terms implies the income of the government which comes from duties and taxes exceeding its absolute expenditure. Those can be in the form of science, social security and infrastructural costs. This is a crucial subject for economic students and to unravel its complexities, quality budget surplus assignment help solutions prove their best bet.

Going Deep Into Explaining The Concept Of Budget Surplus

Being an important tool of fiscal policy, the government carries a budget surplus when there is plenty of inflationary pressure upon the economy.

Budget surplus helps reduce the public debt, implements policies and helps reduce taxes. It also makes way for funding existing public programs namely Medicare or security of the nation.

Budget Surplus Assignment Help
Budget Surplus Assignment Help


Government budget

This is also known as fiscal budget or general budget. It is the difference between government budget and expenses. It is further differentiated into structural and primary balance.

State Government Budget

Budget Surplus

Here’s an example of a budget surplus-

‘2001 was when the last US budget surplus took place. The annual receipt was around $1,991 billion and the total yearly expenditure was around $1,863 billion. The income was more than the expenditure and hence the budget surplus for that year was $128 billion.’

Now how was this calculation done? Its simple-

In order to calculate the budget surplus of an economy, students having budget surplus as their subject will need to use-

Total income of the government (-) the absolute expenditure of the government = Budget surplus.

So using the data

$1,991-$1,863= $128billion.

As for a budget deficit, it is a situation where the

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‘On the other hand when expenditure surpasses the income it resembles Budget deficit’

Balanced budget

In means the budget where the revenue and expenditure is on equal terms. It also means a no budget scenario.

Balanced Budget

Some common issues with Budget Surplus which students face!

Being a pivotal aspect of the study of economics, students come across numerous questions which give them headaches. Some of those crucial questions which students face time and time again for their assignments are as follows-

  • Should the budget surplus be put to usage in order to pay off long term obligations namely bonds, pensions and other forms of commitments?
  • With any reserve known as a surplus, is it right to mandatory to have a monetary reserve?
  • When are budget surplus given as a recommendation?
  • Some countries despite having budget surplus still face public debts! Why?
  • Some opine that budget surplus is harmful for an economy! Why?
  • How much does a budget surplus justify a large scale tax cut?
  • Difference between a budget surplus and a budget deficit?
  • Reasons why some states are not conducive to having a budget surplus?

These are the usual topics which students need to cover for their assignments. They are by no means easy to answer.

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