Big Data assignment help

Introduction to Big Data

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Big Data: Basics

As the very name suggests, it is a data set which is colossal and complex. It includes both structured data and unstructured data. The humongous volume of data makes it very difficult for the traditional data processing software to handle the data. It additionally creates issues which makes it difficult to manage these enormous data sets.

Big Data: Challenges or Disadvantages

There are some streamlined methods in which standard data is processed. Big data, unfortunately, creates challenges like

  • Data storage
  • Data analysis and integration
  • Searching for information within the data sets
  • Sharing and transfer of data
  • Visualization, querying and updating data
  • Maintaining data privacy and integrity.

The list of challenges with Big Data might seem to be very intimidating. Other than these challenges, every aspect of Big Data is a boon in many ways. With the proper techniques, Big Data can be very helpful for organizational analysis, strategic business decisions and much more ways.

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Big data may also be used to describe data analytics methods to extract valuable information and trends from the data.

Big Data and Business Applications

Corporates have a huge data set. They are flooded with a massive number of clients opting for different products offered by these corporates. Additionally, data on vendors, payment information, etc. add up and creates a voluminous database, in this case, Big Data. They also have to maintain market research covering different regions and competitor information.

Big data is a crucial tool for organizational analytics. Its use for organizations can be summarized in two terms; meaningful insights and operational efficiency. Big data service providers have capitalized on the need for the hour. The major service offered by providers of big data services are descriptive analysis. Descriptive analysis typically hinges on reporting the historical trends. Additional set of services include predictive modeling which enables the organization to forecast business ventures and profitable projects.

Big Data and Applications in Academic research

Big Data has also been used widely in academic studies. Many university and institutions have allowed studies to be conducted using Big Data. These studies were conducted by the students. Visit the big data assignment help section and big data homework help sections for a detailed insight.

There are some concerns that Big data and Academic research are the two terms that don’t mix together. Big data analytics by Universities are solely conducted for academic research and not for commercial gains. However, there are some instances where the research material was used for commercial gains. Computer models were built based on this research data and registered under a faculty member’s startup. The faculty provided homework help and later used the research data for commercial gain. Additionally, many academicians are of the opinion that Big data should not be used for academic research. Big data allows access to all the information on specimens, samples and in many cases personal data of people who took part in the research. These academicians strongly feel that big data would not protect the privacy of the volunteers in the research.

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