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What is adverse selection?

Adverse selection is a topic that is prevalent in economics, insurance and risk management predominantly. It is defined as a problem that persists due to the variation in information about the product quality that is available between the two parties involved in a transaction.

A typical example of adverse selection is Akerlof’s market for lemons which you can understand with adverse selection assignment help.

The sector which it most affects is the insurance market. Suppose, people with major health risks seeks insurance cover and the insurance company provides it to only these people at an average rate. The company will soon face financial loss as it will be blasted with claims. Thus, adverse selection is present as the company is not aware of the health conditions of all its customers.

This is why insurance companies provide partial health insurance or fix a high premium for customers.

How is adverse selection different from moral hazard?

It is imperative to understand the difference between moral hazard and adverse selection with adverse selection homework help. In both the cases, one party benefits over the other as they do not disclose full information or bears low levels of responsibilities. However, while moral hazard is a consequence of hidden action, adverse selection is a result of hidden information. While moral hazard occurs after the transaction, however, adverse selection happens before the transaction.

What are the tools available to avert the problem of adverse selection?

While adverse selection is practiced by various companies to incur profit, however, there are ways to control and avoid it, which you will learn with adverse selection homework help. There are some means by which the problem of adverse selection can be averted. Listed below are the means to do so:

  1. Increasing Government regulation to ensure the dissemination of accurate and ample information. Like for example, in the investment of securities, the government bodies can direct the companies to disclose their current financial condition so that the people can assess the risks associated with such Security companies.
  2. By providing ample signal to the interested buyers by the owners about the quality of the product.
  3. Through intermediation where an intermediate body assesses all the information regarding the quality of the product and works between the buyer and the seller.

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