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Definition of Acquisition and Restructuring

Looking for Acquisition and Restructuring Assignment help? You are at Correct place. Acquisition and Restructuring strategic management process demands for an acquisition plan to develop a company’s structured progress, as well as its profits to the shareholders. Therefore, an acquisition strategy has to be considered only when the concerned company is going to be able in developing its economic worth through proprietorship, and utilizing the properties of the concerned company.

So basically, acquisition is the strategy where a company purchases hundred percent interest in other company, where the prime intention remains to turn the own company a contributory within its portfolio. And, an acquisition where the concerned company did not plead for the acquiring company, it leads to complete takeover. On a comparative note, acquisitions are more universal than takeovers.


A prime reason behind acquisition is to gain the better market hilt. Market strength is mostly a resultant from the volume of the company, its resources, and its abilities to face the rivalries in market. It also gets influenced by the company’s market.

Hence, in most cases, the acquisitions and restructuring are strategies to get the better hilt over the market, upon buying a rival, vendor, trader, or just any business of the concerned industry to make a core competence happen and to grab the comparative benefit in the process of acquiring. Through the process, the company’s basic market is developed keeping the aim of grabbing the market strength to be a market leader.

Factors responsible for market strength improving

There are various factors responsible for improving the market strength. First of all, if you have the ability to trade the products beyond the competitive level, you are straightaway enjoying the greater market hilt. Apart from this, if the company’s size, its resources, and abilities offer it a better chance to compete acquisitions meant for improving the market strength.

An acquisition is termed as the horizontal acquisition, if the acquisition occurs in the same industry, in which the acquiring company competitions improve market strength in the following ways :

Cost-based synergies

A cost synergy is basically referred as the chance of a joint corporate unit to minimize or remove the costs integrated with the ongoing business. These are observed by removing points that are looked as deceit within the combined unit.

Revenue-based synergies

A revenue synergy basically indicates the occasion of a joint corporate unit to develop greater revenue, in comparison with its two past two generation established companies would be manage to develop. For example, if one company P sells a product Q through its own sales resource, company X sells product Y, and P plans to buy X, then the new company formed could utilize each one’s manpower to trade the products Q and Y, thus developing the revenue that every salesman develops for the company. No doubt thus, the acquisitions with equivalent properties deliver better performance in comparison with those with unmatched properties.

Ultimately, as evident above, acquisition and restructuring demand a lot of technical and financial analysis. Hence, a thorough analysis of market gain should be done prior making any decision.

Acquisition and Restructuring Assignment Help

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