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What is microeconomics?

Microeconomics is the study of the behavior of individuals and the organizations in making decisions which involve the allocation of scarce resources and how the interaction between the two affects the utilization of these resources. It states why and how different products have different values, how individuals are able to make efficient and productive decisions, and how ably they cooperate with each other.

With microeconomics assignment help, you can understand the objective of this discipline of study. It is mainly to analyze market trends that establish relative prices of goods and services and allocate scarce resources for alternative use. It is also responsible for analyzing market failure.

What topics fall under it?

There are a range of topics that microeconomics covers. Microeconomics homework help can assist you to understand these topics and resolve any issues that you might face while studying. These topics include:

  • Supply and demand
  • Consumer demand theory
  • Cost production
  • Monopoly
  • Market structure
  • Labour Economics
  • Information economics
  • Elasticity
  • Production theory
  • Perfect competition
  • Oligopoly
  • Game theory
  • Welfare economics

Importance of microeconomics

Microeconomics is invaluable in the field of economics. Its importance is widespread and affects not only the economy but many a business organizations as well. Microeconomics homework help can help you to understand its importance as has been stated below:

  1. It helps to develop international trade.
  2. Microeconomics forms the very basis of welfare economics.
  3. Understanding of the free enterprise economy and in turn, the economic conditions.
  4. Helps to allocate resources efficiently.
  5. It helps to understand the implications of taxation as the resources are allocated on the imposition of taxes.
  6. It is a valuable tool to evaluate economic policies which are developed by the government for the welfare of the society.
  7. Microeconomics helps to understand crucial economic events with the help of conceptual models.

What are the methods adopted for microeconomic study?

Microeconomic study is carried out following the method of general equilibrium theory and partial equilibrium theory, developed by Leon Walras and Alfred Marshall, respectively. The method tries to recapture human behavior in mathematical models of individual markets which are tested.

Microeconomics Assignment Help
Microeconomics Assignment Help

The Walrasian and Marshellian methods can be best understood with microeconomics homework help.

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